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About Us

Founded and headquartered in Kota Damansara, Selangor, Teras Med Resources is a medical and rehabilitation services company. As a small company by a Occupational Therapist who had experiences both in the public and private sector of the health industry in the country. Sole distributor of ROMPA products, Established in Malaysia since 1995, one of which is a special concept, “Snoezelen” a new and powerful form of sensory stimulation for individuals who have been deprived of a sensory environment or have sensory disorders. It had managed to break into the cultures within health and education establishments providing new ways of encouraging interaction and motivation. We have created several such Multi Sensory rooms, which stimulate all 5 primary basic senses i.e. visual, hearing, touch, smell and taste. In short it awakens all your senses

The company offers products and services ranging from physiotherapy equipment and consumables, occupational therapy equipment and consumables, speech therapy equipment, special education equipment, sensory integrations, and multisensory. It operates and engaged in setting up Snoezelen Room and Sensory Integration Room.