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Diabetic Management

HiToP 191

The HiToP® 191 is a microprocessor-controlled HighTone Therapy device for electrotherapy. Its application range predestines this device for the use at home, in modern and well-equipped hospitals or medical practices. Thus, the HiToP® (High Tone Power) 191 is well suited for:

i· Symptomatic treatment with polyneuropatic aliments like pain like:
– pain
– burning
– prickling
– numbness
ii· Muscle stimulation

Through external muscle stimulation the metabolism is activated which again results in an improvement of the sensibility to insulin.
Also patients with varicose veins, metal implants, endoprothesis and open wounds (ulcus cruris) may be treated. Since the electrodes are placed at this Polyneuropathy- treatment exclusively on the legs, also patients with cardiac pacemakers may be treated.
The HighTone Power Therapy device HiToP® provides a therapy with middle frequency sine waves. The therapy is absolutely free of d.c. components. The frequency range used comprehends 3 octaves, the range of 4096 – 32768 Hz. The therapy frequency is scanned with a defined frequency. This method is called SimulFAM® for Simultanous Frequency Amplitude Modulation.
High Tone Power Therapy is a specific new development based on scientific knowledge from a number of different disciplines, i. e. it is an inter-disciplinary newdevelopment. The specialist knowledge involved is derived from medicine, physics, mathematics, physiology, histology, cytology, chemistry, biochemistry and involves their sub-disciplines.