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Pain Management

HITOP 2 Touch

The innovative devices HiToP 2 touch presents to the user local and holistic therapies for different indications. Yet the user interface gives a maximum level of usability: With one single touch you can select a therapy from your personal list of favorites. Simply turning the intensity regulator allows a real quickstart. The modern high-tech design with brushed aluminum surface and the 15″ TFT LCD full color touch screen monitor offer to the health care professional an indispensable feature.

Complete Range of Functions and Ease of Use

The therapeutic device comes with two independent channels which are being displayed individually. Via the touch screen the doctor can select the patient to be treated, therapies or indications in a most easy fashion. The graphic display supports the work with the device: pictures with applications demonstrate the placement of the elctrodes.

The newly designed device cart rounds out the usability concept, for each accessory has its defined position.

Included accessories:
2 distribution cables, colour coded; 2 sets of patient cables, colour coded; 10 elastic straps with velcro-fastener; 6 conductive rubber electrodes 17,5 x 11,5 cm; 4 conductive rubber electrodes 12 x 8 cm; 4 easy-fix-electrodes 12 x 8 cm; 4 elastic straps with velcro-fastener 5 x 80 cm, white; 1 Aloe Vera spraybottle; 1 headphones for integrated CD player; 1 Relaxation-CD; 1 User manual