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Sensory Integration

Proprioceptive senses process information from our muscles, joints, and other body parts to provide us with an unconscious awareness of the position of our body parts in relation to each other, other people and objects.

The Vestibular sense puts balance into our lives. It provides information about movement, gravity, and changing head positions. It tells whether we’re moving or we’re still, as well as the direction and speed of our movement. We can even tell if we are vertical or horizontal—even with our eyes closed.

Combining the development of both Proprioceptive and Vestibular senses, Sensory Integration activities can assist in developing the ability to process this information and help to treat dyspraxia, vestibular disorders and balancing problems.

Deep Pressure & Weighted 

   -RU18991 Sand Snake
   -RU21369 Weighted Snake
   -RU18105 Dolphin
   -RU18850 Weight & Balance Cushions- Set of 8
   -RU29144 Kitty Cuddle
   -RU17363 Weighted Ball
   -RU21594 Relaxer Travel Size Weighted Blanket
   -RU21760 Relaxer Weighted Blanket Cover
   -RU21592 Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket
   -RU21765 Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket Cover
   -RU21600 Deep Pressure Vest
   -RU21544 Squeezer
   -RU21371 Ball Blanket
   -RU21578 Weighted Vest
   -RU21589 Weighted Pencil Set
   -RU18633 Lap Pad Set
   -RU21470 Slap Bands – Set of 6
   -RU21770 Wristful Fidget – Set of 2
   -RU20946 Saddle Bag Soother
   -RU20498 Weighted Sensory Cushion


-RU21542 Itinerant Frame
-RU16884 Swing Frame
-RU16881 Swing Seats
-RU17687 Suspension System
-RU21871 Outdoor Swing Frame and Swing
-RU19201 Deluxe Vestibulator
-RU21579 Ultimate T Swing
-RU21561 Economy Bolster Swing
-RU21566 Adjustable Angle Swing with Foot Rests
-RU21551 Flying Saucer Swing
-RU21560 Bolster Swing
-RU21581 TheraGym Over the Moon Swing Sets
-RU21773 Trapeze Swing
-RU21580 TheraGym Sling Swing
-RU20530 Bubble Swing
-RU14113 Beano Swing
-RU21856 Swring
-RU21893 Tube Swing
-RU20531 Circus Swing
-RU21555 TheraGym Tear Drop Swing
-RU21585 Therapy Net Deluxe Swing
-RU19234 Suspension Swing
-RU20441 Nest Swing
-RU21572 TheraGym Chillax Swing
-RU21574 TheraGym Time – In Swing
-RU21550 Seesaw Glider & Swing
-RU21877 Dreamliner
-RU21011 Multi-Child Swing
-RU21577 Circle Platform Swing
-RU21599 TheraGym Rectangle Platform Swing
-RU21549 TheraGym Square Platform Swing
-RU21606 TheraGym Soft and Plush SensiMats-Set of 2
-RU14670 Leaf Chair & Stand Saver Pack
-RU14669 Leaf Chair Stand
-RU14668 Leaf Chair
-RU18299 Leaf Chair Corner Stand


-RU15048 Large Rocking Board
-RU29775 Step Rocking Boat
-RU15505 Mini Rocking Board

Therapy Mats

-RU14600 Airex Mats
-RU12626 Billowing Cushion
-RU12652 Rompa Mats
-RU20034 Concertina Mat
-RU19752 Fold-Up Mat
-RU20451 Movivit & Mats